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china exits

Growing your China market presence can be done in many ways. A wise man once said, "It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice." Perhaps your best value strategy is not risking your resources trying to crack the China code, but instead allowing everyone to play to their strengths. GRW can help plan the best China strategy for your company's future, vet the potential buyers/investors/partners as well as be here to help with integration.

  1. Ensure the deal creates a clear value proposition, beyond simply getting into a new market.
  2. Ensure Due Diligence is thoroughly done for both sides; including business culture compatibility. 
  3. Maintaining clear Cross Cultural Communications by avoiding the usual "Same Bed, Different Dreams" scenario.
  4. Optimize International Tax, Business and Organizational structure.

china operations

If you want China expansion and realize the ability to execute in China is as critical to success as your company’s innovation, then we can deliver.  We create operating value and increase returns by growing the top-line international revenue streams and providing additional liquidity opportunities for companies with genuine international potential. GRW China’s Market Growth Platform is a turn-key “entry–to-exit” value creation platform consisting of these key elements:

  1. Pre-screening to validate the potential for success in the Chinese market.
  2. Creating necessary Chinese market IP protections. 
  3. Providing access to additional expansion funding with Chinese Private Equity.
  4. Focusing on sales so significant new revenue streams are realized.
  5. Built-in liquidity event to monetize the value created in China.

china advisory

Millions of dollars are lost every year, chasing the China dream, following dead ends, dealing with wrong partners, listening to excuses, going in the wrong direction or simply trying to do everything you have been told you “have to” do.  Why risk losing millions, when you could be making them? Whether you are already in China or not, GRW's on-the-ground experience and network of proven China operators can advance your progress with the strategic and/or operational support you need.

  1. Are you about to invest in a new China venture and want a fresh perspective on the entry plan?
  2. Have you been working with a partner and would like to know if things are as they are being reported? And if not, what your options are?
  3. Do you need to bolster your leadership depth with of a short term/interim CEO or COO?
  4. Would you like your existing operations to run more smoothly and/or increase its revenues?